My First Blog Post

Does it count as procrastinating when you do something else productive, instead of the thing you’re supposed to be doing?

So its the night before Imogen’s first day at ‘school’. I put that in quotations because she went to nursery last year at the same school so it isn’t really all that new to her, although they’ve just done a refurb so who knows what it’s going to be like in there now. Apart from Imogen. She knows what it’s like already, because she just does (the all knowing 4 year old).

I’ve been slightly looking forward to school starting back up again, and getting a bit of structure back into my days. I’ve always been one to work better under pressure, and having all day to get ready and go out means that far too many days this holiday have been getting ready in front of Mr Tumble and the Twirlywoos before finally leaving the house at midday when Imogen is overexcited from being cooped up too long and Amelia is about ready for her nap. Then there’s the roulette of trying to get home before they fall asleep in the car and the nap is ‘wasted’ when I could have been doing something productive at home while they slept.

SO the procrastinating… I need to make sure there is a school uniform ready, with name labels on everything and that a packed lunch is sorted in the new unicorn theme lunch bag and boxes. It’s after 9.30pm and I’ve done the lunch. There’s plenty of time in the morning right? And I started a blog instead, and I’ve wanted to do this for ages so it’s not wasted time.

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