Smoked Paprika Butterbean Wraps

We went for a walk to Forest Fawr yesterday.

They have a lovely sculpture trail with wooden carvings through the forest for the children to find.

It was supposed to be a quick walk but with two tired littles, it took much longer than it should have! By the end Imogen was in the baby carrier because Amelia hates it, and then to top it off Imogen ran to the car park at the end and scraped her face on the gravel. Good times!

We took a picnic lunch for the four of us, but everyone likes different things. Imogen had a vegan hot dog (Tesco’s own Soya based ones) sandwich, Amelia had a buttered roll with garlic roast potatoes (fussy eater), and we had…

Smoked Paprika Butter bean wraps

Keeping it simple for lunch, but actually turned out really tasty! I usually find butter beans tasteless, but with some smoked paprika mixed in with the mash made the difference.

Wheat and grain wrap with the mashed butter beans, topped with a salad of spinach, plum tomatoes, cucumber and red bell pepper, topped with vegan salad cream and sweet chilli sauce – plus a bit of violife tzatziki soft cheese. Perfect!

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