A diamond in the rough

Today was just another one of those days. We’re still stuck in the house and no one is in the mood to do anything that anyone else wants to do. You know those days when you know you’d be fine if it was just you, doing your own thing – But we have 2 little girls in this with us!

They want to be both entertained, but also allowed to watch TV for hours, but are also bored of watching Spongebob, and Charlie’s Colourform City, and whatever else they find on Netflix. Barbie is a new find that they seem to enjoy – it must be the bright colours because I don’t see what else it has going for it!

So we’ve been trying to get the kids interested in the garden, and in growing vegetables. Unfortunately they’re more interested in making a nice area for a slug they found! So that was the end of our attempts at doing something ‘fun’ so we were ready to put them back in front of the TV…

Then, all of a sudden, we were decorating yesterday’s cupcakes, making tissue paper butterfly sun catchers, and dancing around the kitchen to Spice Girls and Busted, and I was showing them the dance routines to the Macarena and 5,6,7,8 by Steps. We went from a rubbish day where I felt guilty for doing nothing, to having some good family fun.

And that’s kind of my point. You never know when days are going to end up being special or stand out from the hum drum of the day to day in this quarantine! Enjoy your day, and don’t write it off as just another TV day – you never know!

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